Jutsu at ETH Denver 2024

Jutsu at ETH Denver 2024

Bridging Innovation and Collaboration

At ETH Denver 2024, Jutsu showcased our groundbreaking role in the evolving landscape of Web3 development. As a hub for developers exploring the forefront of Web3 trends, ETH Denver provided the perfect stage for Jutsu to introduce our latest AI-powered solutions designed to democratize decentralized application (DApp) development.

Our Favorite Demos & Discussions

Zahidul Islam, Jutsu CEO and founder, captivated audiences with engaging demonstrations and insightful presentations, showcasing the platform’s innovative features. These sessions not only drew in participants but also sparked lively discussions about the future of Web 3 development, showcasing Jutsu’s role in shaping what comes next.

NEAR/DEV/TALKS at Improper City, Denver.

We began with NEAR DevHub NEAR/DEV/TALKS event on the 27th, which was a smaller breakfast demo event where 10 people tuned in to learn about Jutsu’s new platform updates and AI Copilot. He showcased our Google-Docs style collaboration feature, our intellisense (code-completion) feature, our Web3 Copilot, and gave a demo of our UI Code Generator, Bento, which we had launched only a few days prior.

Zahid presenting on Jutsu at Edge's Autonomous Agent: AI x Web3 Hackathon – "Using Jutsu, you can build any DApp, with just a prompt!"

Zahid also presented Jutsu as a Builder Feature during Edge's Transformer Assembly, part of their Autonomous Agent: AI x Web3 Hackathon. This was a great and exciting opportunity to present among AI specialists and developers participating in the AI Hackathon geared to drive the merging of AI with Web3.

Illia speaking about Bento, Jutsu's newest feature: a prompt-based UI generator.

Also at the Autonomous Agents Hackathon, we had the privilege of listening to NEAR Protocol Co-founder Illia Polosukhin, who delved into the evolving nexus of Web3, AI, and the automation of software engineering. Illia spoke about Jutsu's innovative strides in this domain, spotlighting the recent launch of Bento, our prompt-based UI Generator. Bento stands out as a transformative tool designed to significantly expedite the development process. By simplifying UI creation, Bento empowers developers to bring their ideas to life more swiftly and efficiently than ever before.

Feroz giving a demo of the Jutsu IDE and newest features.

It has been so special to hear from our users, who enjoy the Jutsu platform and use it regularly! We even got a mention from Feroz Lakhani, Senior Partnerships Manager at TRON DAO, who gave a demo of Jutsu at the ETH Denver main conference.

Fullstack Femmes

A standout event at ETH Denver was the Femme-centric social gathering co-organized with She is Near, aimed at celebrating the accomplishments of women in Web3. This event served as a vital platform to showcase the contributions of women in technology, offering perspectives and strategies on fostering a more inclusive environment for women in the tech sphere.

The Women Lead OnChain panel was co-hosted by Jutsu and She is Near at Zeppelin Station, Denver.

During the panel, Kayleigh Svensson, Jutsu’s Head of Operations, provided insights into the future directions of Web3 development. Sharing her unique journey into the Web3 space, which began in the seemingly distant field of marine biology, Kayleigh illustrated the diverse pathways leading into technology. She highlighted the inclusivity and versatility of Jutsu by introducing its latest features, designed to cater to users across the spectrum of experience. From complete novices to seasoned developers, Kayleigh emphasized Jutsu’s commitment to making Web3 development accessible and user-friendly for everyone.

Kayleigh Svensson shares insights on Web3 development's inclusive future.

To follow Kayleigh’s introduction of Jutsu’s new features, Zahid gave a demo showcasing Bento, our Prompt-based UI generator, as well as our Web3 AI Copilot, Google-Docs style Collaboration Feature, and so much more! You can find the full demo on our youtube: https://youtu.be/81vFkxlgX3I

Zahid giving a technical demo of Jutsu's newest features at the Fullstack Femmes social event.

Looking Forward

Jutsu's participation at ETH Denver 2024 was not just about showcasing technology to improve developer experience, but also about building meaningful connections within the Web3 community. The positive reactions from developers and the engaging conversations sparked by Jutsu's sessions illustrate the rising excitement and potential for AI in Web3 development!

NEAR in Etherland Feat. Jutsu!!

As we reflect on the success and inspiration drawn from ETH Denver, Jutsu remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in Web3. Our vision for the future is clear: to continue innovating and supporting the developer community as they bring their decentralized applications from concept to reality with ease and confidence.

Stay tuned for more updates as Jutsu shapes an accessible, empowered future for all Web3 creators! And as always, Happy Coding!