Jutsu's Journey with OrangeDAO 🍊

Jutsu's Journey with OrangeDAO 🍊
Jutsu's Journey with OrangeDAO

Celebrating Collaboration and Innovation

In the vibrant Web3 development world, few moments stand as testament to innovation and collaboration as does a Demo Day with Orange DAO. On March 27th, after 12 weeks of meticulous preparation, Jutsu, along with 14 other esteemed cohort members, had the honor of presenting to over 300 investors. Our CEO, Zahidul Islam, took the stage to showcase Jutsu's mission and latest breakthroughs!

OrangeDAO, a collective known for its unwavering support of Y Combinator founders shaping the future of the crypto ecosystem, provided us with an unparalleled platform. This gathering wasn't just an event; it was a beacon for those driven towards a future where opportunities in the Web3 space are vast and diverse. OrangeDAO embodies the belief that founders and builders are the catalysts for change, advancing and distributing opportunities within the crypto economy. Their mission resonates deeply with us at Jutsu: to make Web3 development not just accessible, but enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their background.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to OrangeDAO, the investors, and attendees who shared in this momentous occasion. The opportunity to pitch and engage with such a forward-thinking community was invaluable. It's through platforms like these that Jutsu can highlight its mission and innovative features, including our generative AI and prompt-based code generation, which are designed to simplify and enhance the Web3 development experience.

Jutsu is more than a platform; it's a mission to democratize the Web3 development landscape. Our AI-powered developer platform, featuring the likes of our Web3 trained Copilot and Bento, a UI generator, stands at the forefront of this endeavor. Bento, in particular, exemplifies our commitment to inclusivity, allowing users to generate fully functional frontends from simple prompts. This tool, alongside our AI Copilot, is revolutionizing the way developers approach blockchain projects - making the once-daunting process of Web3 development a seamless, enjoyable experience.

The ethos of OrangeDAO, with its focus on creating a more equitable future through Web3 and its enabling systems, mirrors our own. Their approach, a blend of mentorship, strategic introductions, and funding, akin to a Web3-focused accelerator, aligns perfectly with our vision. The support OrangeDAO provides to its members, both within and beyond the YC ecosystem, has created a symbiotic relationship that benefits all involved, including the broader Web3 community.
As we reflect on our presentation at the Demo Day and the continued support from OrangeDAO, we're reminded of the power of community. It's this spirit of collaboration and shared vision for the future of technology that propels us forward. With every line of code written, every UI generated by Bento, and every smart contract deployed, we're building towards a future where building on Web3 is accessible to all!

Whether you're a developer looking to dive into Web3, a founder exploring blockchain applications, or an enthusiast curious about the future of technology, Jutsu is your gateway. Together, with OrangeDAO and our vibrant community, we're not just developing software; we're shaping the future.
Special thanks and congratulations to our 14 W24 OrangeDAO Cohort members for taking this leap together with us!

Zac Denham Sidd Jain Trevor Koverko Tsung H. Brock H. Zainan Victor Zhou Vishwa Naik George Melika Aditya Agarwal Rich Wang Jonathan M. Padilla οΌˆε½­εΊ„η‚œοΌ‰ Robbie Rogers Nalin Gupta and Emre Colakoglu!!

To learn more about Jutsu, and start your Web3 development journey, visit us at jutsu.ai! Happy Coding!!